January 2009

What responsibilities does the church have in relation to technology and reaching the current and next generations?

I know this chart is difficult to read-basically the younger one is the more life happens online. From education to entertainment, from announcements to authentic community and transparent communication, younger generations live online. Facebook, Twitter and other social media communities are not only providing community and interaction they are shaping relationships and defining how and what community is within our digital era.
While it’s true, older generations do interact with the internet, we are seeing trends showing the internet morph into a social community. Email is no longer the young person’s tool.

It’s true: email is for old people – at least it is now. Today, 74% of internet users age 64 and older send and receive email, making it the most popular activity in this group. Meanwhile, email usage among teens is dropping. In 2004, 89% of teens said they used email. Now that number is 73%(Sarah Perez).

Younger generations connect via text messaging, quicker than email. They Facebook, less intrusive and time-consuming than face to face. They Twitter for exponential connection.

Again, what must the church do to engage this generation and culture? watch this video before commenting


Sunday night I saw a tweet from Lee Fields talking about doing a devotional DVD for halftime of the Super Bowl. Well, we threw something together. Check it out:

Watch here

How much technology is too much? Is this a viable question?

When does God get planned out of the equation in our services? I understand the argument of planning and God blessing it. Perry Noble recently commented that God messed him up and changed the sermon on the spot. Do we give God the right to change our preplanned worship experiences? Are we able to close our notes mid-sermon and signal to the techies that we are not needing the videos and let God lead us into a dialogue to heal the broken hearted and open altars for prayer mid-sermon or mid-worship and not even preach?

Craig Groeschel mentioned that he went off script under prompting of the Holy Spirit. How do you yield to the Spirit of God and utilize technology to the fullest?

for more of the numbers behind the thoughts check out here
I am looking forward to the dialogue.

The following are leadership insights from Dr. Timothy Hill, First Assistant General Overseer of the Church of God Cleveland TN. Hope you grow and enjoy the encouraging guidance below.

1) Never assess your situation based on your resources. Never view the problem solely through the lens of your perspective. Always remember God’s perspective is the one that counts.

2) Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances. Romans 8:28. Circumstances almost always contradict God’s Word.

3) Never allow your memories of the past to become greater than your vision of the future. Present trials cannot compare to hope future hope.

4) Delays are not denials. God’s answers: yes, no, wait. Waiting carries you from good through better to infinitely more!

5) Don’t forget your appointment with destiny. Chazown-vision–promise. Remember, you are great, you just may not know it yet!

6) Be faithful–Some things you are not meant to conquer, only survive. There are some trials, wars, and bumps in the road that you simply survive, or escape.

7) Don’t breakdown before you breakthrough. The threshold for breakdown and breakthrough is the same in many cases. The difference is often your response. (Rea Sea experience)

Today was another reminder that He doesn’t need me!¬† (Thankful He chooses to use me, though!!) Pastor Josh was led by God and anointed during worship to open our(His) altars. Great day seeing people receive what they need from God. I know that healings, deliverances, and salvations are taking place!!!

No preaching, just worship, exhorting, Communion and God’s Spirit in our altars. I am praying for God to trust me/us with unchurched souls.

This fast is aligning our spirit with His Spirit and opening up doors for healing, obedience and witness.

So thankful that He is mindful of me! I have a strong sense of urgency in the Spirit. God is moving. Pray, listen and obey.

There is room for God to use you!!

You don’t want to miss a single week right now!! God is shifting us, positioning us and moving in us.

Click here for amazing stats on the growth of the internet. (Al Gore must be really proud!)

Think about the implications for the Church.

What could be done?

What should be done?

What must be done, in relation to the Church’s use of the internet?

First thing I read this morning was, Psalm 41–Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The Lord rescues them when they are in trouble. The Lord protects them and keeps them alive. He gives them prosperity in the land and rescues them from their enemies.

Can’t imagine what God has in store for those that love His Word and trust His Voice an obey Him by loving others!!! Btw, stayed tuned for more on Bible study.

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