April 2009

Last post ended with verse 8 of chapter 1. Receiving power to be witnesses is truly the ultimate requirement for leadership. (We could reminisce about David and his leadership in the Spirit, Moses, Judges, well I guess the OT for that matter!) Verses 9, 10, 11 are just awesome! “As they strained to see Him rising into heaven…” That totally describes many church leaders today. We have received instruction from God, yet we strain to see Him where He WAS. (Reminded about a cloud and fire and a man named Moses–we won’t go unless you go with us LORD.) These Apostles needed another visitation; they had just talked with GOD!! But they still needed angels to tell them to do what God/Jesus had instructed them to do.

Down to verse 15…the Apostles DO work. I think often, when we hear from God, we tend to pray (some) do (little) and wait (a lot). But by knowing the Word, they understood there was preparation to DO during the praying. Peter understood that “the Scriptures had to be fulfilled”…They had to prepare for revival and growth. Prayer and preparation for revival and growth are important (we need to know we CAN’T plan revival-but we can pray and prepare). The Apostles talked through replacing Judas and followed the Word and Spirit and appointed Matthias.

One thought about chapter 2 (for now)—once they had prayed (obeyed), prepared (appointed Matthias –or hired for growth?) then God GAVE them the increase He desired. See, jumping back to Christ’s ascension, He spoke to His Disciples-not the masses. He knew pouring into them prepared them for the HUGE harvest to come. 3000 added in ONE day!!! Added to EVERYDAY!!!! Only the Holy Spirit CAN do this!! He will only do this when WE are prepared!!


Acts seems to be THE best book out there on leadership. Acts 1:2 gives great insight to leadership. Christ worked until the VERY end. He leveraged EVERY opportunity to pour in further instruction. This verse also lets us know that Christ LED through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ spent time with the chosen disciples. Most leaders would want to be in front of the largest crowds, hopefully empowering, reaching the most with the best efforts. However, Christ understood His purpose: to empower those that were called and chosen to carry out the mission. Leadership development.

Verse 3 illustrates Christ passion to model and lead by example. He PROVED through many ways to His apostles that He had done what He said He had done! How often do we get offended and off track when we sense our team needs more evidence from us? How is it that we drift off point so easily? Christ talked to them about the Kingdom of God.

Verses 4 and 5 give us a specific example of His teaching. Basically, He told them to drop everything to ensure they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. “Do leave Jerusalem….” He reminded and reinforced of the promise and the baptism coming. Do we continue to remind and reinforce the promises of God are coming? Do we really believe they are coming? As David states in Psalm 5:3 do we wait in expectation? Or are we now leading and moving through the motions?

Verses 6 and 7 are interesting to me…the disciples are asking (still) if the promise in NOW and earthly. This question reveals another aspect of leadership. Christ didn’t pretend to know things He didn’t know. He didn’t want His leaders to waste time on off point issues. Wow, “Lord has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our Kingdom?” —is this question off-point?!! Do we let the good become the enemy of the best? Do we entertain really good questions, causes and agendas at the cost of THE MISSION?

For now, verse 8 will be a great ending point (or beginning). The Baptism of the Holy Spirit launches the Apostles and disciples into passionate and empowered ministry. Empowered to DO all that we envision doing. (Greater works-kinda stuff). It is amazing that the authors of the New Testament were baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit, the recipients of these gospels, epistles and writings were baptized in the Holy Spirit, however, we often treat this empowerment as optional. A command from Christ to drop everything until this gift is received. Many of you know, I have earned a degree in leadership, however, NOTHING can replace the empowerment, wisdom and direction that the Holy Spirit brings. He is the Spirit of Wisdom. Think about the Comforter, the one who brings back everything to memory, the one who breaks every yoke. Shouldn’t we desire to yield fully to His Spirit and Voice?

The rest of this passage is full of leadership, preparation, planning and yielding to His will for ministry advancement.

Check out this blog. We need to do this. Please join with me as I make a huge difference with a small change for a short time.

For Immediate Release Contact: Shawn Wood
April 21, 2009 (c) 843.478.3716 5daysinmay@gmail.com


CHARLESTON, S.C. – A group of U.S. based bloggers are asking their readers to go on a five day “beverage fast” in May by drinking only water and donating the savings to Water Mission International, an organization serving the water and sanitation needs of people in developing countries and disaster areas.

“5 Days in May has the potential to provide millions with clean water for life,” said Shawn Wood, founder of the 5 Days in May campaign. “But the picture I cannot get out my mind is that one 3 year old little girl who will not be drinking out of a ditch on May 6th” Wood continued.

“The average American drinks 420 ounces of canned soft drinks a week, my average friend buys a specialty coffee drink 3 times a week and I drink at least one fountain drink every day,” said Wood. “Crunch the numbers and the cost adds up pretty quick.”

On average, 30 cans of soda equal $15.00, 3 trips to a commercial coffee shop equal $10.00 and five fountain drinks equal $8.75, totaling $43.75 spent on beverages by the average American in only one week.

According to Water Mission International, that same dollar amount of $43.75 could give 5 people clean drinking water for the rest of their lives.

Water is critical to life, health, and sustainable development. Yet, worldwide, more than a billion people do not have access to this basic resource. More than two billion do not have adequate sanitation. Every day, an estimated 25,000 people die from a lack of safe water and sanitation.

Wood, a blogger, speaker and author, hopes to leverage his online community to launch this campaign for clean water and is encouraging his social network to join the cause.

“Many groups are out there asking for donations. 5 Days in May is different because we are asking Americans save money on beverages for five days and ‘drink water to give water’ to people who really need it.”

Join the movement by logging on to http://www.5daysinmay.com, follow the movement at http://www.twitter.com/5daysinmay, and discuss the movement on Facebook.

In light of my last post about Christian beliefs, I thought this would be a nice follow-up. Of course, I have my own thoughts, Scriptures and deep beliefs, but this isn’t a place for me to throw out my stuff. I want to hear from you and learn. So here are a few questions:

Does God still judge sin?

Does He still judge personal sin?

Does He still judge corporate sin?

Does God judge the sins of a nation?

Are we held accountable? Are nations blessed, cursed? Is God active just in individual lives or governments? Are churches blessed/cursed?

Is all judgment finalized in the Cross? Is God active in nations or simply within individuals?

What does His activity look like in our postmodern-postChristian society?

What implication does the Old Testament have for a postmodern believer, if any?

What does a “Christian nation” look like? Are there ‘levels’ of godly nations, ungodly nations?

Are godly nations protected, favored and blessed while ungodly ones are cursed and judged?–what does this look like for individuals?

Are there ramifications for continual sin in the believer’s life? Family? Church? Nation?

Again, I would love to hear your thoughts..Pastors, don’t be afraid of a little theology….besides everything we do reflects theology.

This research both alarming and challenging. Our work is NOT done. What are we to do about it?



1. First of all, I LOVE being a part of something so much larger than myself!!–The Body of Christ!!–There is a call and position for YOU!! Come discover it with us!! And make us better too!!

2. I am LOVING all the reports pouring in from many churches!! Lots of people are now going to heaven instead of hell!! 350 at one church, 50 at one church, 32 at one church, 4 or 5 at our church, and on and on…..

3. The energy was CRAZY!!!

4. Worship was BEST EVER!!!

5. Every element built perfectly!

6. No radio spot, no mailer, no advertisement—we still had a great crowd with LOTS of regulars out!!

7. I broke a large sheet of glass yesterday!—I have the best job ever!!

8. iFaith is going to be a great series!! Already FIRED up for it!!! Invite people–we have invite cards (5000!!)

Feeling like Christ; I need to spend more time in prayer AFTER a great move of God than before..totally need to slip away today and pray.

9. Let’s treat this coming Sunday with the same anticipation, faith, and preparation as we did Easter. Let’s continue to invite and share the Gospel everyday!!

10. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, we are to show, preach and pray the love, hope and joy of the Gospel (Good news) to the lost!!

11. We WILL DO ANYTHING SHORT OF SIN TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM DYING AND GOING TO HELL!!!-That’s our sole purpose for being here!!! One body, many members advancing the Kingdom of God and destroying the works of the enemy!!

12. NO ONE CAN DO IT ALONE–we need one another. Drop your pride and repent and work in unity of the Body to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!

13. Praying for Sunday!! Praying for TC to grow to 200 every week!!–Only YOU can make that happen!!

1. Good Volunteer Sunday…Yvette organized it well, four or five groups met and recruited new folks!
2. Pastor Josh took worship to WNL (whole nutha level-for you white folk)–sometimes I think I am going to explode in worship!
3. The band was just crazy good!
4. One video dead…..
5. Message flowed..still struggle with wanting to be liked/accepted more than flat out preaching the Word-when its a hard message! God is faithful
6. At least one SALVATION and two rededications today!!!!—That NEVER gets old!! God changing lives!!
7. Wish I could preach again tomorrow!!
8. Ready for Easter!!! It’s gonna be CRAZY!!! If you want suits and organ music DON”T come to TCChurch!!!
9. Life Groups rock!!

Get out and use what God gave you to keep people from dying and going to hell. Bare minimum, invite them to a passionate Church EVERY week until they come and receive the life giving message of Christ’s Gospel.

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