1. Good Volunteer Sunday…Yvette organized it well, four or five groups met and recruited new folks!
2. Pastor Josh took worship to WNL (whole nutha level-for you white folk)–sometimes I think I am going to explode in worship!
3. The band was just crazy good!
4. One video dead…..
5. Message flowed..still struggle with wanting to be liked/accepted more than flat out preaching the Word-when its a hard message! God is faithful
6. At least one SALVATION and two rededications today!!!!—That NEVER gets old!! God changing lives!!
7. Wish I could preach again tomorrow!!
8. Ready for Easter!!! It’s gonna be CRAZY!!! If you want suits and organ music DON”T come to TCChurch!!!
9. Life Groups rock!!

Get out and use what God gave you to keep people from dying and going to hell. Bare minimum, invite them to a passionate Church EVERY week until they come and receive the life giving message of Christ’s Gospel.