In light of my last post about Christian beliefs, I thought this would be a nice follow-up. Of course, I have my own thoughts, Scriptures and deep beliefs, but this isn’t a place for me to throw out my stuff. I want to hear from you and learn. So here are a few questions:

Does God still judge sin?

Does He still judge personal sin?

Does He still judge corporate sin?

Does God judge the sins of a nation?

Are we held accountable? Are nations blessed, cursed? Is God active just in individual lives or governments? Are churches blessed/cursed?

Is all judgment finalized in the Cross? Is God active in nations or simply within individuals?

What does His activity look like in our postmodern-postChristian society?

What implication does the Old Testament have for a postmodern believer, if any?

What does a “Christian nation” look like? Are there ‘levels’ of godly nations, ungodly nations?

Are godly nations protected, favored and blessed while ungodly ones are cursed and judged?–what does this look like for individuals?

Are there ramifications for continual sin in the believer’s life? Family? Church? Nation?

Again, I would love to hear your thoughts..Pastors, don’t be afraid of a little theology….besides everything we do reflects theology.