Acts seems to be THE best book out there on leadership. Acts 1:2 gives great insight to leadership. Christ worked until the VERY end. He leveraged EVERY opportunity to pour in further instruction. This verse also lets us know that Christ LED through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ spent time with the chosen disciples. Most leaders would want to be in front of the largest crowds, hopefully empowering, reaching the most with the best efforts. However, Christ understood His purpose: to empower those that were called and chosen to carry out the mission. Leadership development.

Verse 3 illustrates Christ passion to model and lead by example. He PROVED through many ways to His apostles that He had done what He said He had done! How often do we get offended and off track when we sense our team needs more evidence from us? How is it that we drift off point so easily? Christ talked to them about the Kingdom of God.

Verses 4 and 5 give us a specific example of His teaching. Basically, He told them to drop everything to ensure they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. “Do leave Jerusalem….” He reminded and reinforced of the promise and the baptism coming. Do we continue to remind and reinforce the promises of God are coming? Do we really believe they are coming? As David states in Psalm 5:3 do we wait in expectation? Or are we now leading and moving through the motions?

Verses 6 and 7 are interesting to me…the disciples are asking (still) if the promise in NOW and earthly. This question reveals another aspect of leadership. Christ didn’t pretend to know things He didn’t know. He didn’t want His leaders to waste time on off point issues. Wow, “Lord has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our Kingdom?” —is this question off-point?!! Do we let the good become the enemy of the best? Do we entertain really good questions, causes and agendas at the cost of THE MISSION?

For now, verse 8 will be a great ending point (or beginning). The Baptism of the Holy Spirit launches the Apostles and disciples into passionate and empowered ministry. Empowered to DO all that we envision doing. (Greater works-kinda stuff). It is amazing that the authors of the New Testament were baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit, the recipients of these gospels, epistles and writings were baptized in the Holy Spirit, however, we often treat this empowerment as optional. A command from Christ to drop everything until this gift is received. Many of you know, I have earned a degree in leadership, however, NOTHING can replace the empowerment, wisdom and direction that the Holy Spirit brings. He is the Spirit of Wisdom. Think about the Comforter, the one who brings back everything to memory, the one who breaks every yoke. Shouldn’t we desire to yield fully to His Spirit and Voice?

The rest of this passage is full of leadership, preparation, planning and yielding to His will for ministry advancement.