I read a leadership statement on twitter earlier today and I wonder if it’s true, actually I hope it’s not. I’ve actually said it before. I’ve taught it and I’ve tried to live it. But, again, I hope it’s not true. “Remember, you cannot lead where you haven’t been.” Is this true? I hope not. I hope that I can be a lead-learner, a pioneering leader, going to depths and places none of us have been before. Is God’s calling fluid and process-oriented? Are we to be an organism and movement or an organization and institution? Within the confines of an organization and institution; safety, caution, protection of the established and oiling of the machine are valued as necessary goals. Within the culture of an organism and a movement; change is necessary for life, mission (The Great Commission) and growth are the primary measurements of health. The advancement of the Kingdom of God is primary, not maintenance of comfortable cultural norms. I hope my leadership is not required to be ‘been there, done that’ before followers will embrace the call and mission Christ is calling US toward. I pray our leadership and followers are always asking reflective questions, I pray we are always challenging our methodologies and preferences in light of the spreading of the Gospel of Christ. “Are we willing to do anything short of sin to keep people from dying and going to hell?” Are we willing to sing songs we don’t like, listen to messages that convict and confront us and move us to uncomfortable action, do things inside and outside the church we are uncomfortable with to be obedient to the call of Christ on our Community of Faith? I hope so….I know I’m not yet….let us pray and read the Word and do it….God bless