Notes from Lit Conference 2010

 (Rough draft of notes and thoughts from yesterday’s leadership conference..will be posting thoughts next week from Andy Stanley’s conference too) Let me know what you think!!!

Pat Summitt

Make Hard work your passion…its called hard work for a reason.

Learn to empower people—give responsibility and authority away. Risk it. When we empower people powerful things happen.

Most important leadership principle—lead by example

Know when to call timeouts. Huddles are powerful. Her huddles are first allowing the PLAYERS to share what they see. Then the staff talks.

Questions leaders must ask:

                Could you work for you?

                What kind of teammate would you be on your staff?

                Are you passionate?

                Are you raising the bar?

                Do you truly listen?

                Your staff are smart, God speaks to them (after all they do work for you!!)—listen!

Role players are important—Pat was a role player on Olympic Team. (But you can change your role if you are passionate and work hard enough)

Embrace discipline-make winning an attitude. Positive is contagious.

Keep score—its important. Basketball is a game and they keep score..we should be able to measure and critique our ministries.

“I will help you; but you have to start your own engine” Pat Summitt telling her son she would help me make the team he just got cut from.

Demonstrate loyalty. Her secretary has been with her 28 years…loyalty and secure identity. She knows her role.

Used to be “My way or the highway, not anymore….I listen.” Pat Summitt

Team 1st then self.  

Pete Wilson

Has God ever called anyone to do something easy and quick?

God requires us to lead with faith. Task is always impossible, scary, difficult. Causes us to trust.

What would you do if you were ABSOLUTELY convinced that God was with you?

Don’t abandon values to pursue vision. Don’t pursue vision ahead of God.  

Where does your sense of security come from? Attendance? Or God?

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Passion draws and repels people at the same time. Know who God is calling you to be, then please Him.

Problem: our church members are UNDER CHALLENGED! Studies show 20 something’s don’t attend congregations because they are not challenged. (They are spiritual-not churched)

Dr. Chris Stevens

Momentum is a leader’s best friend.

3 kinds of momentum.

Structural momentum. Numbers 3:36-37 Moses dictated the structure. Does your structure hold back ministry or hold it up?

If you are going to build anything that lasts; it must have structure. Lack of structure (nice nurseries etc) will keep you from growing. Parking lot, not preaching may be your biggest obstacle.

Systematic momentum. Numbers 3:25-26 Moses developed a system. What systems help you flow?

                Two momentum killers—indecision and procrastination

Set goals—WHOLE congregation must know yearly goals. (baptize #, launch # groups, # of mission trips, support # of missionaries)

Systems must be obvious, easy, quick. Someone volunteers Sunday, what do you do?

What natural barriers are keeping you from growing?

Spiritual momentum. Numbers 4:4

If an organization grows by 35% it must be totally reorganized. Ken Blanchard.

The number one problem in most organizations is no momentum. John Maxwell

Chris Stevens has PhD in Church Growth—number one element of church growth is keeping momentum. Keep momentum by keeping people excited. Keep people excited by being the most excited person in your congregation. Spend enough time with God that you believe in His vision for your church.

Questions for a Momentum Makeover:

                What is the difference between Big Mo and Status Quo?

                Are YOU motivated?

                Is there any urgency and intensity in your organization?

                What are your momentum killers?

                What is your plan?

                Where are your key leaders?

Dr. Jeremy McGinnis (put in my two cents –I was not a conference speaker–would to be though 🙂 )

                Calling-You are called. If you are saved, then Christ has a mission for you to on. (Great Commission)

                Character-Christ is developing the character (Fruit of the Spirit) within you to accomplish the task. Leadership development begins with personal development. Prayer is the number one leadership tool (I say tool in the most reverent way).

                Competency-you have within you the gifts and skills to lead. God created you in your mother’s womb. Fearfully and wonderfully made. You are the only you in the history of the world. Do what He’s called you to do. You have both natural and supernatural gifts God has placed within you and for you.

                Confidence-it is the missing link between average and great leadership. (faith) Faith without works is dead. Be it unto you according to your faith. I’ve not seen such great faith in all of Israel. Go, your faith has made you whole. It’s ok to be great. Be confident in God’s anointing, calling, Scripture, Spirit and activity in your life. At least commit to failing forward. Calling, character, and competency are all dormant until we are confident enough to act, to step out. At least Peter walked and sunk on the water WITH Christ! I believe but help my unbelief. It’s ok to struggle, but not ok to step!