May 2010

Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Doesn’t true leadership begin with understanding? Understanding Who (and where) He is? Understanding how finite our perspective really is in comparison? Wisdom drips from this prayer. Most leadership styles prominent today are motivational in their theoretical foundations. Leaders motivate followers toward share aspirations. Nothing wrong with that. However, where is there room for us to come together and discern His will, His kingdom? Space for yielding to His vision? Corporate dying to our plan?
Spiritual leadership is more than merely forming clever words around motivating scriptures. True spiritual leadership is more concerned about hearing God and doing what He says.

Obviously, personal preferences, passions, desires and even agendas creep into play. After all, He did hardwire us, call us and equip us.

But it seems to me that there needs to be more room in our current leadership paradigms for His will, His kingdom and not simply our own ways. I know my prayers have often been, “Lord, bless my plan, incorporate my vision into Your will, Amen.” I just wonder if one of Christ’s other recorded prayers ever drips from our lips?…”Not My will, but Your will be done…” I shrink back from it too. But doesn’t He REALLY know best? Doesn’t He hold my future and the future of those I am serving/leading? (Well, servant leadership, humility, forgiveness, etc are all topics for another post—:)

Your thoughts….


Sports have statistics, businesses use performance reviews; what measurements, if any, should churches use to measure ‘success’? How should churches hold staff, lay leaders and members accountable? Accountable to what? I know many churches count attendance, baptism, membership (and of course the offering) but in what other ways should we measure ourselves?

Just a thought…..share your thoughts…

I’ve often counseled people to strive to be life-long learners. I really believe that we all should continue to learn, grow and stretch ourselves in our particular field and especially in His Word. Well, after completing my doctorate a few years ago I’ve really stunk it up on the continual learner thing. Yeah, I’ve been to conferences, read a book or two and maybe perused a journal or two. But, I’ve not really continued to better myself in leadership, educating others (discipleship).

I few weeks ago my dad mentioned doing a PhD online in leadership. It truly got my juices flowing again. I’ve been reading EVERY school’s academic pages online. Then, the other day, a close friend and colleague mentioned pursuing a PhD in education. You guessed it…I’ve now been investigating Christian education schools and degrees.

Herein lies the problem, I KNOW that both journeys will be of great benefit in my life and the life of our congregation. (I say journey because I am by no means in need of the degree-it’s the knowledge, experience and expertise I need and desire).

Leadership: Well, do I really need to layout the benefits and facts. I will only say, leading change, cultural shift, organizational development, systems, organizational diagnosis and implementation are paramount needs and issues facing most congregations. If our congregation ever sees a leadership transition, this journey would be beneficial. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Education: Training, teaching, preaching and equipping the Body to do the work of ministry is what being a pastor is all about. Studies show our congregations feel a lack of challenge in their spiritual development. Biblical and spiritual illiteracy are rampid within the church at large. Some of the most drastic shifts and challenges of leading congregational/cultural change lay within shifting models and methods of discipleship and learning.

There you have it. Insight into my current prayers. Your thoughts…I’m I crazy? Which one do you see as the greatest need/benefit? I do have doctorate in leadership, but it’s focus is not leading cultural change. I am totally split down the middle. Jump in!!