Historically, Pentecostals have understood the gifts (charisms) as some being primarily personally edifying, or serving of others, and eschatological (end times evangelism). However, all gifts are for the building up of the community (koinonia).

What category would you place gifts of healings in? Why?


Acts 2:42 tells us that THEY devoted THEMSELVES to the Apostles doctrine. How much effort are we to muster to disciple someone? Many ministers can recount stories of devotion of time, energy, teaching and resources for the spiritual formation of a convert in their care, only to witness this person fall from the faith. Other stories demonstrate the small seed planted by one, watered by another and then supernatural increase by God’s own hand and their insatiable desire for His Word and His Presence.

Acts 8:34-39 further illustrates the point with Phillip and the Eunuch. Obviously, there are multiple passages that encourage studying the Word of God with one another, bearing burdens, and bearing the weaknesses of fellow believers. I just wonder (out loud-I guess) how much of our efforts should be placed on pushing Christians toward discipleship? Shouldn’t most of our efforts be toward salvation? Again, obviously, we should and must provide opportunity (and make that opportunity easily accessible) for Christians to engage in discipleship. We should provide structures, processes, trainings, resources to equip the saints to do the work of ministry. However, Christians/Disciples must devote THEMSELVES to the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, prayer and breaking of bread (one of my first sermons focused on this passage as the four pillars of the church–discipleship based message–still believe it by the way).

However, shouldn’t most our resources be placed on sending the Gospel out into the community? Cultivating an atmosphere on Sunday mornings where God’s Presence reigns? (Thus, confronting, convicting and converting the sinner). Resources of creativity, money, talent, prayer, preparation, planning, recruiting (inviting lost), and anticipation should be poured into creating an atmosphere of God’s Presence on Sunday mornings that is soooo real that NO ONE can deny His existence. Lives are transformed. It’s not about seeker-sensitive, it’s not about culturally relevant, it’s not about performing excellence—it’s about creating an atmosphere where He reigns and demonstrates His power for salvation. Now, that doesn’t mean that all of those aren’t elements, there just not the main thing!! HE IS.

Discipleship MUST be about moving Christians toward salvation machines. It’s ALL about not letting people die and go to hell. Not just having a better marriage, not just having sweeter kids, not just saving/making money God’s way—-DON’T let your friends die and go to hell.

Let us be DOERS of the Word and not HEARERS only—deceiving ourselves and letting our religion become useless.

This research both alarming and challenging. Our work is NOT done. What are we to do about it?



1. First of all, I LOVE being a part of something so much larger than myself!!–The Body of Christ!!–There is a call and position for YOU!! Come discover it with us!! And make us better too!!

2. I am LOVING all the reports pouring in from many churches!! Lots of people are now going to heaven instead of hell!! 350 at one church, 50 at one church, 32 at one church, 4 or 5 at our church, and on and on…..

3. The energy was CRAZY!!!

4. Worship was BEST EVER!!!

5. Every element built perfectly!

6. No radio spot, no mailer, no advertisement—we still had a great crowd with LOTS of regulars out!!

7. I broke a large sheet of glass yesterday!—I have the best job ever!!

8. iFaith is going to be a great series!! Already FIRED up for it!!! Invite people–we have invite cards (5000!!)

Feeling like Christ; I need to spend more time in prayer AFTER a great move of God than before..totally need to slip away today and pray.

9. Let’s treat this coming Sunday with the same anticipation, faith, and preparation as we did Easter. Let’s continue to invite and share the Gospel everyday!!

10. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, we are to show, preach and pray the love, hope and joy of the Gospel (Good news) to the lost!!

11. We WILL DO ANYTHING SHORT OF SIN TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM DYING AND GOING TO HELL!!!-That’s our sole purpose for being here!!! One body, many members advancing the Kingdom of God and destroying the works of the enemy!!

12. NO ONE CAN DO IT ALONE–we need one another. Drop your pride and repent and work in unity of the Body to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!

13. Praying for Sunday!! Praying for TC to grow to 200 every week!!–Only YOU can make that happen!!

What would it look like if the Church (everyone single fully devoted follower of Christ) approached ministry/witness like this:?


I don’t fully think this is the ONLY way to do it, but it is definitely an overlooked and under-appreciated approach. I hope and pray that the Body of Christ will implement this ideology in our witness/invitation approach.