Worship Wrap-up


1. First of all, I LOVE being a part of something so much larger than myself!!–The Body of Christ!!–There is a call and position for YOU!! Come discover it with us!! And make us better too!!

2. I am LOVING all the reports pouring in from many churches!! Lots of people are now going to heaven instead of hell!! 350 at one church, 50 at one church, 32 at one church, 4 or 5 at our church, and on and on…..

3. The energy was CRAZY!!!

4. Worship was BEST EVER!!!

5. Every element built perfectly!

6. No radio spot, no mailer, no advertisement—we still had a great crowd with LOTS of regulars out!!

7. I broke a large sheet of glass yesterday!—I have the best job ever!!

8. iFaith is going to be a great series!! Already FIRED up for it!!! Invite people–we have invite cards (5000!!)

Feeling like Christ; I need to spend more time in prayer AFTER a great move of God than before..totally need to slip away today and pray.

9. Let’s treat this coming Sunday with the same anticipation, faith, and preparation as we did Easter. Let’s continue to invite and share the Gospel everyday!!

10. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, we are to show, preach and pray the love, hope and joy of the Gospel (Good news) to the lost!!

11. We WILL DO ANYTHING SHORT OF SIN TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM DYING AND GOING TO HELL!!!-That’s our sole purpose for being here!!! One body, many members advancing the Kingdom of God and destroying the works of the enemy!!

12. NO ONE CAN DO IT ALONE–we need one another. Drop your pride and repent and work in unity of the Body to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!

13. Praying for Sunday!! Praying for TC to grow to 200 every week!!–Only YOU can make that happen!!


Hello Church Family,

I wanted to take a second to let you know some of the awesome things happening during this Break Out series. God has saved no less than 5 people!!!! That’s right, five people WILL NOT die and go to hell because of this series and His awesome Word!!! We are baptizing at least one this month, over 40+ people have responded to the life-giving message of this series. They have received deliverance and freedom from worry, bitterness, and other sins that have held them back from living the FULL life God has for them. The enemy tries to rob us of our freedom, however, Christ has set us free!! Knowing this truth leads to freedom!! Hold on, there’s lots more coming with the culmination sermon at Easter! If you know ANYONE that struggles with sin, doubt, insecurity, condemnation, etc…YOU must invite them over the next few weeks! God love them too much for you to be awkward in inviting them. God has given us gifts and talents to leverage to keep people from dying and going to hell…..what are you doing about it? Let’s do our part and trust He’s already done His part!!!

Today was another reminder that He doesn’t need me!  (Thankful He chooses to use me, though!!) Pastor Josh was led by God and anointed during worship to open our(His) altars. Great day seeing people receive what they need from God. I know that healings, deliverances, and salvations are taking place!!!

No preaching, just worship, exhorting, Communion and God’s Spirit in our altars. I am praying for God to trust me/us with unchurched souls.

This fast is aligning our spirit with His Spirit and opening up doors for healing, obedience and witness.

So thankful that He is mindful of me! I have a strong sense of urgency in the Spirit. God is moving. Pray, listen and obey.

There is room for God to use you!!

You don’t want to miss a single week right now!! God is shifting us, positioning us and moving in us.