I watched more of the NFL draft this year than all other years combined! I really enjoyed it. I posted a silly tweet about wondering if a team might call me on Saturday. I connected it to FB and got a reply…Ron reminded me that I already have lucrative eternal contract since I answered God’s draft into His eternal ministry team. My mind has been spinning ever since I read his comment.

You know, all these 20 somethings were waiting for a call from a coach or front-office rep for an opportunity to play 60 minutes of football 16 weeks of 52 each year for a handful of years. They wait as if their lives depend on it. Each one of us have way more power than any GM, Coach, or any front-office rep in any league. We (all believers) represent Christ and we are to daily be extending God’s draft invitations to all the dormant kingdom-talent around us. Help me re-instate the fire and the enjoyment in God’s powerful draft.

What do you think?….